Prairie Inclusivity

Version imprimable

Une compilation assemblée par Kristian Enright

Les poèmes

I recited to him,

                      Now as I was young and easy,

and in the cough-afflicted wheeze that was left of my father’s voice,



I triage the landscape. The prairies

are numb today and so am I.

I am too thin. Built

like I won't explode on hot

afternoons, a mirror

to the sky. My...

power lines held by birds

of prey the hostile expanse above


ditches teeming floral invasive

wayside fleurs


late summer the shoulder sang...

side a:



1. 18 and Life

her friend takes her to

the guidance counselor...

About me the night        moonless           wimples the mountains

wraps ocean      land         air           and mounting...

l am

gap tooth black girl

back corner of class

scribbling left-handed

poetry on blank paper

save the school's

curriculum for later


Blue-white afternoon. The Bow river churns and smokes

as the city rumbles, economy chokes and bundled homeless

build cardboard homes in the snow. Yes, Walt, this is the new...

Not the music.

It is this other thing

I keep from all of them

that matters, inviolable.


I scratch in my journals,

a mouse rummaging...

I only know rivers


Waters elongated to the unrumpled recitatif

of endless land

The Bow knows

Has tongued and grooved the firmament, baby,


Well, it’s too long for one thing

and very repetitive.

Remove half the fields.

Then there are far too many fences

interrupting the narrative flow.




Men prefer an island

With its beginning ended:

Undertones of waves

Trees overbended.


Men prefer a road...

this is the transsensorium

there are indo-robo-women fighting cowboys on the frontier

& winning finally

the premodern is a foundation for the postmodern


The other people quit their stone fields to come here.

They slip in from nights that even the snow abandons.

They leave ashes in their glasses

          and stains on...

Les récitations

Pour que chaque poème de cette compilation soit accompagné d’une récitation, nous invitons les élèves du primaire et du secondaire à nous proposer leur propre vidéo de récitation pour faire entendre un poème qui n’a pas encore été récité. Envoyez-nous vos vidéos de récitation d’un des poèmes de cette compilation et il pourrait y être ajouté !

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