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Une compilation assemblée par Phoebe Wang

Les poèmes

Where there’s a wall

there’s a way through a

gate or door. There’s even


it's okay if you only learned about your culture from Google


it's okay if you only read your language at the public library



After Li Po


While my hair was still cut straight across my forehead

I played about the front gate,...

Freezes, goes blue screen, shuts down. Dead pixel, dark.

Ghost echoes, lossy in the source code. Time zones away,

people who have actually shaken hands with my online friend...

We Twitter, Tinder, Tumblr through eternity. Loquacious

text messages flit from fingertips, waves of data spill

through our skulls. Every cm2 of oxygen overflowing...

When Daniel Harris stepped out of his car

the policeman was waiting. Gun raised.


I use the past tense though this is irrelevant

in Daniel's language, which...

I threw away your letters.

Years ago, just like that.

The tight black swirls,

circles and strokes

filling fine sheets —

I would not see them again....

We could read your words from anywhere

but you felt like the only soul sitting

in your swivel chair listening to your parents


dream-breathing down the hall...

My dad taught me to never give out my real name, age,

address, or photos. This seemed obvious to me. My fake

birthday entry was always my crush's birthday plus a


Those tweets I sent about Duke Ellington

While my mom was being evicted again

According to what ethics under the sun

Can I possibly have been speaking? A


I dreaded those future aeons when I would not be present —

an endless succession of days I would miss, with their own

news and songs and styles of machine.  ...

There are no stars tonight

But those of memory.

Yet how much room for memory there is

In the loose girdle of soft rain.

There is even room...

Les récitations

Pour que chaque poème de cette compilation soit accompagné d’une récitation, nous invitons les élèves du primaire et du secondaire à nous proposer leur propre vidéo de récitation pour faire entendre un poème qui n’a pas encore été récité. Envoyez-nous vos vidéos de récitation d’un des poèmes de cette compilation et il pourrait y être ajouté !

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