What Are You?

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Une compilation assemblée par Sarah Yi-Mei Tsiang

Les poèmes

Each adult will be allowed 150 pounds


and each child will be allowed 75 pounds of baggage.


—B.C. Security Commission, 1942...

Price depends on how the cheongsam

was made, the fabric used.


Gasp. Lift breasts with one hand.

Stuff your body inside.


If you...


At the park I look for Levita,

because our work is the same—

swaying wide-legged over foraging toddlers,

we avert bruises, discourage the...

I understand you.

I get what you’re trying to say.

What you’re trying to say is you want me to get it.


I get it. You want me

to understand. You...

Who I am

depends on which side of my skin

you stand on.


In here

it’s all neurons firing

synapses telling stories

blood tracing...

Very loud    a mad frenzy    The wooden

barrel she rode would have roared


(I first wrote “road”)

Left home to join the circus: 15 years old



My father threw his language overboard,

a bag of kittens, waterlogged mewling:

small hard bodies.


My mother hung on to hers —

Wove the words like...

      The air smells of rhubarb, occasional

Roses, or first birth of blossoms, a fresh,


side a:



1. 18 and Life

her friend takes her to

the guidance counselor...

I come from the land of

Where You From?

My people dispossessed of their stories

and who have died again and again

in a minstrelsy of afterlives, wakes,


when I try to talk to my mom about what it was like

to grow up surrounded by yt people in the prairies

in the 80s though it seemed like the 50s

she tells me in a so-...

Les récitations

Pour que chaque poème de cette compilation soit accompagné d’une récitation, nous invitons les élèves du primaire et du secondaire à nous proposer leur propre vidéo de récitation pour faire entendre un poème qui n’a pas encore été récité. Envoyez-nous vos vidéos de récitation d’un des poèmes de cette compilation et il pourrait y être ajouté !

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